Fines & Court Costs

The amount of fine the court assesses is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case. The maximum fine for most municipal court traffic violations is $200 plus court costs; for misdemeanor state law violations--$500 plus court costs; for certain city ordinance violations--$2,000 plus court costs; and for other city ordinance violations--$500 plus court costs.

Pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Section 133.103, the Court is required to collect a $15 fee on each conviction for which "time to pay" is granted. If any part of the total amount of fines, fees, and court costs is paid on or after the 31st day, that time payment fee will be assessed per state statute.

If a warrant is issued, the fine may increase, and an additional $50 fee is also assessed.

If your citation is in warrant over 60 days, an additional 30% fee will be added to each case being sent to collections.